Armando Cruz

“Nitin, I had to say thanks. In our brief training I sent out 3 text messages and got 10 new clients in the first 15 min. While I am still learning all the ins and outs of Clinical Contact. I just paid for the entire year in my first training. Talk about ROI. Thank you Nitin for providing a service that allows me to automate and simplify contacting and following up with my clients and prospects. I look forward to taking my sales, retention and conversion to a new level.”

Sarai Jones

“This is the most exciting new form of marketing to come along in a long time. It is so relevant to the way we live and communicate today and Clinical Contact makes it so easy. What I like about Contact Formula is how intuitive it is to use. The first time I logged in I was able to figure it out in a matter of minutes, sent out my first text blast and got 4 new clients. That all happened in less than 20 minutes. That blew my mind! I already have it plugged into my marketing programs and I’m looking forward to seeing how much Clinical Contact is going to help me grow in the next few months.”